Härliga Hjörnered

Great natural scenery offers many possibilities

Known as Härliga Hjörnered, the nature reserve around the Hjörneredssjö lakes between Knäred and Laholm is the perfect place to experience the natural beauty of the Swedish countryside. Härliga Hjörnered, part of the Swedish outdoor recreation association Friluftsfrämjandet in Laholm, is responsible for services in the Hjörnered area and provides information on the area covering walking and swimming to fishing, canoeing, local history and places to visit.

Härliga Hjörnered also hires out canoes and kayaks. Canoe equipment can be borrowed from and returned to reception.

Come and experience the tranquillity, birdsong, fellowship around the campfire and the beautiful natural scenery of Härliga Hjörnered!

Contact information

Hjörnered 221
312 94 Laholm


More information

Canoes are available for hire on the spot in Hjörnered for exploring the Hjörnered lakes and the river Lagan between the power stations in Knäred and Skogaby. There are 50 canoes with life jackets and paddles for hire. Some are family canoes with room for four. Advance bookings of canoes are recommended.

Canoes can be hired daily from June until mid-september. Prebooking essential at other times.

There are three different long-distance footpaths in the Hjörnered area. The paths are of different lengths, and they pass by outing destinations and rest areas. The paths wind through a varied landscape of deciduous and spruce forest, pastures where animals graze, flat land and hilly ground with cliffs as well as water.

Härliga Hjörnered is run as part of Friluftsfrämjandet’s Laholm division.

Contact Härliga Hjörnered by post at the following address:
Härliga Hjörnered, c/o Elver Åkesson, Laxgränd 6, 312 33 Laholm.