Destination Halland 2020

Destination Halland 2020 is an EU-funded 3-year project aimed at boosting the development of tourism in Halland. Halland is one of Sweden’s most popular regions with tourists but good could be even better as there is great potential to further raise awareness of Halland’s attractiveness and everything it has to offer.

The tourist industry is one of Sweden’s fastest growing sectors and is expected to enjoy a continued high annual rate of growth. Developing the tourist industry in Halland will generate more visitors, increase employment and improve the profitability of the sector.

The Destination Halland 2020 project focuses on three areas, knowledge, business development and communication.

In the area knowledge, this means investment in systematising guest surveys and analyses of the wider situation. In close collaboration with research in the tourist industry, new knowledge will be gained, which will stimulate development of the tourist industry that is sustainable in the longer term.

Business development involves work to develop new reasons for travel and develop those that already exist. Business development work will be a natural part of work run jointly by the industry and the public sector. Guiding lights, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are the people who create new products and innovations, generating new experiences and new guests for Halland.

Work in the area of communication takes place on two parallel tracks. The first is communication involving investment to increase the guest’s experience, extend their stay and encourage their return. The second is communication outside the region’s borders to attract new guests to Halland.

A cooperation agreement between Region Halland and Halland’s local authorities will form the basis of ongoing work and together with the industry these parties will now jointly develop the tourist industry in Halland. The process of producing this contractual cooperation means that there is a coherent approach to future challenges and important strategies that need to be in place to make Halland successful. There is also a realisation that cooperation between the different parties is the key to success.

The investment is funded by Region Halland and Halland’s local authorities for three years, amounting to a total of approximately SEK 15 million. With support from the European Regional Development Fund, the funding amounts to approximately SEK 10 million over the same period. Support from the European Regional Development Fund means an opportunity to invest more in work in the immediate future.